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Glass paintings

Be amazed by a glass painting from Wallfield®. We are one of the few brands to offer real tempered glass for the most premium paintings on the entire market! Razor sharp and made of museum quality tempered glass.

Why Wallfield®

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Glass paintings

Are you looking for a real eye-catcher for your wall? Then choose a glass painting from Wallfield. Our paintings are available in different sizes and with different dimensions, such as landscape or portrait. The material has a unique and luxurious appearance and is guaranteed to be a beautiful eye-catcher on your wall. Go for the best quality and choose Wallfield's glass paintings, which you will enjoy for years to come!

Our Glass Paintings collection is made of real tempered glass and is the most luxurious collection of the paintings we offer. Thanks to the depth effect and reflection of the glass, it gives a beautiful effect in your living room, dining room or bedroom! Especially if you want to make your wall just a little more unique, the Glass collection from Wallfield® is a great option!

Buying a glass painting: our tips

A glass painting is the ideal wall decoration for your interior. The advantage of our paintings is that they are available in many different prints in all shapes and sizes. This means there is a suitable painting for everyone. But it is still sometimes difficult to buy the right painting. Therefore it is wise to first take into account the size of the wall. In addition, of course, the style of your interior plays a big role in choosing the right painting. With our wide variety of wall decorations with different types of styles, there is a suitable painting for every interior.

Do you want a real eye-catcher in your home? Then choose a wall circle for example instead of a normal painting. This gives a unique effect to your interior that sets you apart from the rest. You could also choose an extra large painting, for example, so that you get a real wow effect when you enter the room.

Glass painting XXL

Are you looking for an XXL glass painting? Then you have come to the right place at Wallfield. We sell every design up to 150x100 cm! This is a great filler for a bare wall or above the couch. Are you looking for a larger size? That is certainly also possible on request. To do so, contact our customer service.

Large assortment of paintings

At Wallfield, we offer a large assortment of different wall decorations. In addition to our wide variety of different styles, Wallfield also offers our paintings in many different materials and sizes. A canvas painting is currently immensely popular. The advantage of canvas is that it is affordable. This makes it easy to buy an affordable painting and for your remaining budget you can buy all kinds of other wall decoration for your interior. If you are looking for nice paintings then you have definitely come to the right place. Usually all items are delivered from stock, so you can quickly get your favorite painting in your home.

High quality

All glass paintings that we offer are of high quality. To ensure the best quality, our prints are printed on tempered glass. In addition, at Wallfield we offer fast deliveries and secure payments.

Why Wallfield?

  • 4mm thick tempered glass
  • FSC Certified
  • Good resistance to scratches
  • Exclusive finishing
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors

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We score on trustpilot a 4.4 out of 5. More than 500 people left a positive experience. We work very hard every day to brighten up your wall with unique designs. Read all experiences on trustpilot here.

You can also choose to have our glass paintings displayed in black and white or choose a close-up photo. Not quite there yet? Then also check out our Cities Collection, Animal Collection or Abstract canvases.