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An abstract painting is a fusion of different colors, shapes and arrangements that come together in an exclusive visual composition. Be inspired by Wallfield Design Studio's unique designs.

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Besides the fact that an abstract painting goes well with a modern or sleek interior, it also fits well with other living styles. For example, with a rural, industrial or classic interior you can make a surprisingly good match on the basis of similar color tones or for example the overarching subject. Get inspired and dare to experiment with the abstract wallpaper collection of Wallfield!

In the Wallfield abstract paintings collection, you'll find a fantastic selection of modern designs and real eye-catchers. For example, go for a sleek marble look or give your wall a stylish look with the Old Masters canvases collection. Whichever painting you end up choosing, each design is unique and matches the latest home trends.

The wonders of an abstract painting

The beauty of nature is far from accidental. Symmetrical lines, Fibonacci spirals and intricate patterns are the basic elements of the animal and plant kingdoms. Mother Earth teems with natural patterns, from the undulating dunes of desert landscapes to the perfectly hexagonal honeycomb mosaic. These recurring natural structures can be accurately mapped mathematically and demonstrate the exquisite harmony between nature and geometry. Within the apparent chaos of the natural world, observable rules exist, giving rise to the fascinating order.

Transform your urban environment into an enchanting oasis with bold plants, deconstructed decor inspired by beehives and dramatic tops of geometric art.

Abstract art or design?

Abstract paintings, a beloved art movement, brings to life exciting combinations of color, form, and pattern, creating unique experiences for the viewer.

Our collection includes a wide range of affordable abstract paintings and posters in various styles. Explore our abstract paintings and find the design that most appeals to you.