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About Wallfield©

About Wallfield©

Wallfield® is the leading brand for wall decoration, lighting and furniture. We are a company based in the Netherlands, but also deliver outside the Netherlands. Our home decorations are unique and made of the very best quality.

Unique in interior design

Discover for yourself the unique and distinctive Wallfield® products that we have selected ourselves from our partners. As a result, no one can match us! Do you want to create a truly unique wow-effect in your interior? Then discover the unique products of Wallfield®.

Because of the good quality we deliver, we distinguish ourselves from many other companies. This is because each element has been thought about with care and has a unique and original appearance. Our wall decorations, lamps and furniture are characteristic and therefore only available at Wallfield®. Whether it is the visual design, the good quality of our products or our excellent service: at Wallfield® you have come to the right place.

Let's Make it Happen

Atmosphere is all-important. This makes it important to provide your space with beautiful decorations that create a nice and appropriate atmosphere in your interior. With the products of Wallfield© you are always assured that you go along with the latest home trends. Get inspired by our lookbook and let's make it happen!
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